Hose Bibb Lock K-HBL


Keedex hose bibb lock. a simple easy and affordable solution to prevent water theft by locking the spigot with a water tight coupling and padlock.

Padlock sold separately

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Stop theft and high water bill from water theft with Keedex Hose Bibb Lock

  • Helps stop water theft, waste and misuses.
  • Here’s how it works: The cover, padlock eye, and padlock spin freely around the fitting. The fitting cannot be unscrewed and will not leak when the Hose Bibb is locked.
  • Stops a leaky hose bibb.
  • Works on outside or inside hose connections.
  • Work on water heater drain valve.
  • Gray water irrigation safety.
  • Great for home owners, landlords, boaters, RV enthusiasts.
  • Inner portion is solid brass with a rubber seal.

Padlock NOT Included.

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Weight 2 lbs


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