Rosslare goPROX AYC-Q60



Rosslare goPROX AYC-Q60

goPROX AYC-Q60 is a convertible PIN/Proximity Reader with Genuine HID Technology™. goPROX AYC series automatically determines whether to function as a reader or as a secured standalone controller. If the unit is connected to a standard access control unit, then it functions as a reader. If the unit is connected to a Rosslare secured intelligent power supply such as the PS-A25T, PS-C25T, or PS-C25TU, it functions as a 500-user secured standalone controller.


  • Advanced, secure, multi-application functionality for intelligent installations
  • Smooth, attractive design, with all-weather indoor and outdoor operation
  • 2 tri-colored LEDs and an integral sounder for programming and operation
  • User-friendly menu based on keypad, LED and sounder indicators
  • Back and cover optical tamper detection and output
  • Default operation as a multi-format reader (Rosslare PROX and HID Genuine Technology™ formats, Wiegand 26 bits, Clock & Data)
  • Automatically recognizes Rosslare’s PS-x5 intelligent power supply family converting it into a 500-user standalone controller with secure relays
  • 3 security levels (controller mode): Bypass (free entry), Normal (card or PIN required) or Secure (card + PIN)
  • Built-in proximity card reader (125 kHz Rosslare proximity/HID Prox Modulation)
  • Programmable blue backlit keypad
  • UL-294 Attack Class III
  • Optical back tamper sensor and open collector tamper output
  • Lockout feature on wrong entry (keypad/card tamper)
  • Internal buzzer provides audible interface feedback
  • Two status/programming interface LEDs (tri-colored)
  • Fully-potted construction for outdoor use
  • Comes with mounting template for easier installation
  • Comes with an installation kit that includes a security screw and a security screw too


  • Programmable keypad transmission format
  • LED control input
  • Programmable Facility code
  • Rosslare proximity card transmission formats:
    • Clock & Data
    • Wiegand 26-Bit
    • Card + PIN
  • HID Prox Card Transmission Format
    • Wiegand (outputs per format on the card)



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