Slick Lock Security Lock System for Service Vehicles

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Security Locks for your service van or truck, it’s what’s on every service truck and van owners mind around the world. Some owners have been victimized, and some know of others who have become victims of expensive tool and equipment theft. The feeling of having all your equipment and tools stolen is a horrible feeling, it make you angry, frustrated, and makes you feel vulnerable because once it’s gone, it’s gone. The chances of you recovering your tools from an arrest are slim to none. I know I’ve been there.


The loss could be from $1000.00 to $100,000.00 dollars, depending on what trade you’re in. Having your tools stolen is a big loss, not only do you have to buy all your tools again if you even have the money to buy some or all back, you lose on jobs in the meantime while you are trying to buy your tools again. About 20 years ago I became that victim, woke up early on a Monday morning to go to my 1st job for the day, walk to my work van with my coffee in hand, got in, and went straight to the job site. Once I got to my job site I open the side door to grab my tools and walah! Surprise, all my tools were gone, my heart just sank like the titanic. I was shocked! I couldn’t understand how my tools were all gone.


That was back in mid 80’s when car alarms were useless and still useless today. Several years later someone came up with a hockey puck round lock and 2 heavy brackets to secure your tools, but required you to drill 8 holes per side of the van or work truck. The final results were a very good way to secure your tools back then. It just looked ugly and bulky, but it was a solution, and it helped many business owners. However, soon after  things did not look so good, the holes that were drilled to mount the brackets were starting to rust, and getting worse as time went on to the point after several years, rust was so bad that you could rip the brackets off the door with a crowbar.


There is a family owned and operated business called Slick Lock Corporation from the suburbs of Chicago IL. Slick lock came out with a clever designed locking system that doesn’t require drilling holes into the vehicle. They designed brackets that mount on the existing van latch and strike side location for rear and side doors, and even sliding doors. Because the installation doesn’t require any modification to the door, Slick Lock has become the choice for business owners, fleet services, and self-employed tradesman around the world.

Slick Lock is a must have for business owners Without a doubt. Slick Lock is the best locking system solution hands down to protect tools and equipment.

Slick Lock has locking system for seven vehicles

Take a Picture of Keys

Are You Willing To Have Your Keys Mailed Via Regular USPS?

Duplicate keys by mail? Sound convenient, and if you’re comfortable in sending a picture of your house keys and having it mailed to you, then your good to go. We as individuals love convenience and some would pay extra just so they don’t have to run to a hardware store and spend 10 to 20 minutes driving there, another 10 minutes getting the key duplicated by some automated machine and then another 10 to 20 minutes driving back just to find out that your newly keys duplicated by a robotic machine don’t work.

I know for a fact that the majority of those machines are not calibrated correctly and having them serviced take a long time for the company who own those machine to send a tech out to calibrate them. Its well known that most customers will not bother to go back and return the bad key. I’ve been in the locksmith business for 28 years and I always tell my customers that my keys may cost a little more than the major box hardware retail stores but I guarantee they work and they are tested on site.

There is a company that duplicated keys who will accept a picture of a key and then have it mailed to you via regular USPS. Sounds good to you? well maybe so but I question the verification system they use, but convenience is bliss to some.1st I would not accept picture of any key from anyone unless they have physical possession of the key itself for me to duplicate it, this assures me that at least they may have authorization to have the key duplicated. 2nd paying by credit card does not guarantee anyone from fraud. 3rd Mailing key via Postal USPS is not the safest way to mail keys in my opinion. Mailing keys has been around for many years via UPS or Fedex because signature is required and name is logged of the person who signed for the key. That’s how its done with commercial accounts.

Sending keys via regular USPS would not be my choice, there is no way to verify or confirm that an authorized person received the keys. That may be a huge liability for me if something went wrong, I would never take that risk. This new company Keys Duplicated has a great idea but I think they haven’t thought this through. They claim that USPS is the safest way to send keys? They may not be aware that credit card fraud, checks and much other identity theft was from mailboxes, people all over the US have had mail stolen right from their mailbox. USPS is not the safest way to mail key, FedEx or UPS is the choice for commercial business to received sensitive keys and material safely.

If your one who is worried of having you keys duplicated without authorization, the best way to prevent your keys from getting photographed and duplicated is to have a restricted patent key or high security lock like Medeco. With a high security lock you are guaranteed your key will not be duplicated with out your authorization and having your key duplicated with a picture.

The New RITE TOUCH RT1050D By Adams Rite

Adams Rite RT1050D

Rite Touch RT1050D

The new RITE Touch RT1050D digital glass door lock by Adams Rite brings new refinement and grace to keyless access control solutions for glass openings. The RITE Touch RT1050D offers sophisticated styling, convenience, flexible access control, and safety and security for single or double glass doors.

Perfect for indoor applications with no modification necessary to the glass, the easy to install, surface mounted RITE Touch combines elegant aesthetics with the latest touch screen technology. Distinguish the opening by harmonizing style and security with the RITE Touch.

What used to cost $1800.00 to $3000.00 for access control installation on glass doors like the one you see at the malls. Adams Rite has a new low cost easy to install lock, No wiring required and the unit runs on 4 AA batteries. For less than half the price you can self install this touch keyless access control lock. It has never been easier and cheaper for business owners to add access control to their front entrance.

See the lock here.

Kwiksets Smartcode™ 914 Deadbolt With Home Connect™ Technology

Kwikset (, the leader in residential security, announces the availability of its SmartCode™ 914 Deadbolt with Home Connect™ technology. When paired with virtually any Z-Wave-based home automation system, this new version of the SmartCode deadbolt brings a range of enhanced design features, and new certifications and capabilities, to Kwikset’s innovative home automation security solution.

Starting December 3, Kwikset will be shipping the new smart lock, which features a new design with best-in-class residential lock aesthetics. This design offers a new exterior style and class-leading reduced interior size for enhanced aesthetics inside and outside the home. With a completely redesigned quiet-drive locking system, the Kwikset SmartCode 914 Deadbolt blends technology and performance in a smartly designed package that complements the aesthetics of any home.